Release Notes Teamplay

v6.02.04 2024-01-09
 * A new function to register "Accumulated Free Kicks" for Futsal has been added to the match protocol.
   (This function is activated under "Settings">"System")

v6.02.03 2024-01-03
   * Changed publishing settings for new cup page layout.

v6.02.02 2023-10-06
   * A new option enables team managers to edit their line-ups in match protocols.
   * The short name of an existing class can now be changed.

v6.02.01 2023-09-09
  * The match protocol has been adapted with more buttons to work better with input from mobile/tablet.
  * A match clock is now built into the match protocol. The time can also be changed manually and is
     saved to Teamplay with the protocol just like before.
  * When logging in with level "Normal", today's matches are shown as the start page.

v6.01.03 2023-07-30
  * The option for user defined pages to appear in the main menu did not work.
  * Changing the name of the team would in some cases led to the team dropping out of the schedule.

v6.01.02 2023-07-30
  * The scheduler has been extended with a function to compress schedule based on min. rest time for
    the teams.
  * Current player and team statistics are now available as Excel files via the "Cup page" menu in the
    admin section.
  * Export to PDF documents did not work for large amounts of data.

v6.01.01 2023-07-07
  * The admin part of Teamplay has been updated with new graphical elements.
  * The scheduler has been extended with an interval function for easier scheduling of season games.

v5.06.04 2023-05-09
  * Scheduler status update has been improved.
  * Response times in the browser's admin interface have been improved.
  * It is now possible for logged in teams to export their lineup as a pdf.

v5.06.02 2022-06-13
  * Image upload to the gallery sometimes failed.

v5.06.01 2022-05-25
  * Improved page load time due to better use of CDN.

v5.05.01 2021-02-13
  * All invoices sent out are now saved with unique file names. These are found both under the
    respective team in in the teams register and also under "Tools">"Documents".

v5.04.02 2020-10-28
   * The letters "ĺäö" in usernames and passwords did not work in some cases.
   * Change of team name in the team register was not automatically updated on the cup page.

v5.04.01 2020-10-02
   * The administration part of Teamplay now has better performance.
   * It is now possible to bring starting points into a new league.

v5.03.13 2020-08-06
  * Scheduling of groups according to the region model has been improved.
  * It is now possible to specify the priority for teams playing according to
    the Region Model. High priority means that the team is scheduled as early in
    the day as possible.
  * URL for video/pictures for a game can now be set via multi-edit.

v5.03.12 2019-12-09
  * It is now possible to manually send invoices via E-mail in the team register.
  * A new payment settings page has been added to the "Tools" menu.
    Here you can enter email addresses for notification as well as a message text for
    invoice emails.
  * A new guide has been created that describes payment methods for registering teams.
  * It is now possible to have up to 7 letters in the class name.
  * The cup page is now also available in Czech.

v5.03.11 2019-10-24
  * A user-defined logotype for exported PDF files can now be selected under "Settings system".
  * It is now optional wether standby-teams and non-paid teams shall be shown/highlighted
    in the cup page team list.
  * Buttons "Save and close" have been added in some layouts (admin part).
  * The selected tab is now saved in the web browser (admin part).
  * The "Manual playoff" game order template had an error.
  * Standings and results are now shown in pdf:s even if "Hide standings/Result" is selected.

v5.03.10 2019-08-09
  * The "Adjust game start time" feature can now be applied on individual games.
  * The scheduler has a new parameter for rest time for team that can not play at the same time.
  * A zoom feature has been added to the graphical arena booking schedule.
  * Current game time can now be given for ongoing games.
  * New playoff game order templates for have been added.

v5.03.09 2019-07-01
  * The feature "Check schedule" now also displays game starts per team.

v5.03.08 2019-06-26
  * The new cup page is now linked from Teamplay.
  * New playoff game order templates for 16 team groups have been added.
  * Teamplay erroneously warned for reaching max number of teams in a group.

v5.03.07 2019-06-13
  * A new guide has been created that describes the configuration of the registration form and
    follow-up of fees.
  * The password handling in Teamplay now has a safer implementation.

v5.03.06 2019-01-22
  * A new graphical playoff tree has been added in the admin-part to simplify tree configuration.

v5.03.05 2019-01-08
  * New mail supplier.
  * Minor bugfixes.

v5.03.04 2018-12-14
  * New game order templates for 9 groups and also 2 groups have been added.
  * A bug in the team calculation for continuation groups has been corrected.

v5.03.03 2018-11-20
  * Displayed team in continuation groups were in some cases wrong.

v5.03.02 2018-10-18
  * When clicking on a team name in the teams register you sometimes ended up on the wrong team.
  * It is now possible to use tournament number + team number as reference for registrations/payments.

v5.03.01 2018-08-20
  * It is now possible to automatically create and send an invoice in connection with the
    team registration. The same invoice can also be created in the teams register (via the
    "Export" button). The invoice amount reflects the calculated balance shown under
    "Fees" for the team.

v5.02.14 2018-07-03
  * There is now the opportunity to hide the player presentation on the cup page despite the
    fact that team presentation is selected.
  * Country is now automatically selected in the application form based on the chosen language.

v5.02.13 2018-05-25
  * It is now possible to show country flags in the cup page. This feature is activated under
  * Misc bug fixes

v5.02.12 2018-04-20
  * Transission from external .css file to css via xml.

v5.02.11 2018-04-18
  * Teams in the waiting list are now displayed in the cup page team list and are marked with a
    star (*) before the team name.
  * Teams who have paid their fees (as stated in the teams register) are now marked in bold
    in the cup page team list.
  * The team ID that appears in the teams register is now included in the payment reference
    text in the confirmation email sent out at the time of registration.
  * The E-mail feature in the "Games" view did not work for continuation group games.

v5.02.10 2018-04-03
  * Manually adding games did not work.
  * Manually specified standings were not automatically updated on the cup page.
  * The list of referees was not automatically updated on the cup page when new referees
    were added.

v5.02.09 2018-01-24
  * Incorrectly entered player numbers could result in a crash when updating the match

v5.02.08 2018-01-22
  * The form "Referee registration" is now integrerat into the cup page.
  * A new field for linking to a photo/video page has been added for games. Can be used for
    links to live streaming, game pictures, etc.
  * A new game order template has been added: "Playoff 1/8-final (6 grp, 16 lag vidare)".

v5.02.07 2017-09-08
  * A summary report of team and player statistics is now available through the "Export" button
    in the "Games" view. This reported is adapted for ice hockey and floorball and requires that
    the match protocol event reporting is used.
  * Referees register with referees schedule can now optionally be shown on the cup page.

v5.02.06 2017-09-01
  * Standings are now calculated even if "Hide standings" is selected for the group. However,
    standings are still not shown on the cup page.
  * There are now two new options under "Settings">"System"; fields for shirt color can now
    be completely hidden and a new option "Raquet sports" indirectly hides the
    fields for shirt number and player position on the cup page.
  * The scheduler could sometimes be left hanging.

v5.02.04 2017-05-03
  * The amount of yellow and red cards per team is now displayed under "Team Statistics".
  * A new field is available for internal game notes.
  * The score for Fair Play points has been increased to 5 levels.
  * An initial information text for Fair Play can now be entered on the cup page.

v5.02.03 2017-04-11
  * For team name changes, games in continuation groups were sometimes not updated.
  * When displaying games for selected teams via the team register, games in continuation
    groups were not displayed.

v5.02.02 2017-04-04
  * Games in continuation groups  were not shown for team login.
  * It is now possible to move teams between classes with multi-edit.
  * An error message is now given if you try to modify an already completed game via
    the multiple-results form.
  * There is now a limited version of Teamplay that allows maximum 12 teams.

v5.02.01 2017-03-01
  * Teamplay now fully support Fair Play calculation. The purpose of Teamplay Fair Play
    is to encourage good ethics and morals of sport. The match protocol has fields to
    enter Fair Play points (1-4) for the home and away teams. It is appropriate
    the teams specify Fair Play points for each other after each game. The Fair Play
    table shown on cup page summarizes these points per team and divided by the number
    of games played. The team with the highest average score wins the Fair Play league
    and can be considered being the most fair playing team.

v5.01.06 2017-02-08
  * It is now possible to put content in the cup page side column.
  * Documents in PDF, PowerPoint, Excel and Word can now be uploaded to the cup page.

v5.01.05 2017-01-11
  * The field for email address / user name in the team register was in some cases automatically
    filled in with the wrong value.
  * Background color for striped tables can now be set.
  * There is now an English version available of the guide "Result reporting and printouts".
  * The player statistics presentation on the cup page has been improved.

v5.01.04 2016-11-23
  * Selected position from group standings to continuation groups could in some cases not be removed.
  * The scheduler sometimes stopped at 0% without giving a message.
  * New better looking progress bar for the scheduler.

v5.01.03 2016-11-10
  * It is now possible to show the referee schedule for selected arenas, from the arena register.
  * The fields in the registration form for visiting address and shirt color can now be hidden.

v5.01.02 2016-10-10
  * Team leaders with permission to edit game properties could neither see their games nor
    the teams in the same class.
  * A new option for automatic reconciliation of payments has been added to allow multiple
    payments with the same OCR number.
  * GPS coordinates can now be entered manually for venues.
  * The same team name within the same class was in some cases erroneously allowed.

v5.01.01 2016-09-16
  * It is now possible to have a top picture slideshow on the cup page.
  * Uploading of images failed in some cases.

v5.00.11 2016-09-08
  * The "Send login information by E-mail" is no longer case-sensitive on the email address.
  * The graphical playoff tree was not shown correctly for the playoffs with starting level
    "Final" together with "Match for 3rd prize."
  * The tab "Fees" under "Properties team" was shown even though "Hide payment information"
    was ticked under "Settings registration".
  * The function to send an email to teams via selected games sometimes failed.
  * Double reservations were sometimes not displayed in in the "Arena booking schedule".
  * The error message "Group number could not be set because the group is already full"
    appeared in some cases false.

v5.00.10 2016-06-23
  * A new cup page layout has been added for News/Facebook in the right column.
  * It is now possible to create placing games for position 5-16 for 1/8-final trees.
  * Preview of user-defined pages did not work.

v5.00.09 2016-06-08
  * The E-mail address must now be confirmed at registration.
  * In the "Teams" view it is now possible to filter non-standby teams.
  * The link to preview user-defined pages did not work.
  * Some parameters were not saved in the dialog "Settings competition".

v5.00.08 2016-05-30
  * Arenas were in some cases deleted when the multi-edit feature was used.

v5.00.07 2016-05-25
  * Arenas and other user defined locations can now be displayed in an overview map on the
    cup page via the "Info" menu. The locations are added via menu "File">"Map". In the
    arena register there are new fields available for the visiting address.
  * The teams for continuation groups were not calculated and displayed for classes
    without playoffs.

v5.00.06 2016-05-16
  * The teams city location can now be displayed in Google Maps in the home page team register.
  * The slideshow has been optimized to take less space on the screen.

v5.00.05 2016-04-29
  * The feature "Report multiple match results" has been simplified and is now accessed
    via an icon in the main menu.
  * PDFs now always appear as a link instead of being opened in a new window.
  * Playoff trees on the cup page were sometimes displayed incorrectly even though they
    were not used.
  * The checkbox to select all elements in a list did not work in some web browsers.

v5.00.04 2016-04-22
  * Swedish OCR number calculation was sometimes wrong.
  * The option "Suppress cup page updates" prevented the playoff games to be updated.

v5.00.03 2016-03-21
  * The built-in text editor has been upgraded with multi-language support, new features
    and new look.
  * A barrier has been added when trying to enter more than 16 teams per group/class.
  * It is now possible to block that changes are updated on the cup page.
  * The function to send an email to teams via selected games sometimes failed.
  * The "Auto grouping" did not respect the teams marked as "Reserve" the right way.
  * The graphical playoff tree was not always updated when new results were entered.

v5.00.02 2016-03-07
  * It is now possible to activate the display of previous year's results ("History") on
    the cup page (home page).
  * Another six user defined numerical fields has been added for the team registration.
  * The feature "Set game number" did not update game numbers for playoff games until
    you saved the first result.
  * There is now support for entering team logos in team register via the "Multi-edit"
    function so that these then are displayed on cup page. The logos shall first been
    uploaded to the gallery.

v5.00.01 2016-02-15
  * Teamplay now has an integrated cup page (home page) and you handle everything
    in Teamplay and with one single login.
  * Both the administration area and cup page are now mobile-friendly.
  * You can add your own pages in the integrated cup page and edit the page footer.
  * Facebook support

v4.52.39 2015-08-07
  * The field "Region code" can now be set via the "Multi-edit" feature for teams.
  * The field "Last day to edit ordering data" is now a date field.
  * The field "Standby" is now transferred when using the "Swap" feature for teams.
  * Error correction concerning "Last day to edit ordering data" in the team register.
    Entered values could be zeroed when saving after expired date.
  * User defined text fields can now optionally be set as read-only for team managers.

v4.52.38 2015-05-28
  * A new feature "Automatic grouping" has been added. It distributes the teams in the
    team register into groups so that all teams receive a certain number of games based on
    single games between the teams. It also tries to divide teams into different groups based
    on the field "Region code" (to separate teams from the same region), and on the team name.
  * It is now possible to choose the edition/year of a tournament in the login screen.
  * A new feature "Event Log" has been added to the "Tools" menu. It allows
    administrators to log all commands executed in the system, time-stamped, and by whom.
    The feature is activated under "Settings system".
  * It is now possible to select one or more arenas in the arena register and click
    on a "Games" button to view the games for these arenas.
  * It is now possible to select one or several matches, and click on an "E-Mail" button
    to create an email to the team leaders.
  * A new field "Registration Date" has been added to the "Expression of interest referees"
  * A new field "Last day to edit ordering data" has been added. The aim is to distinguish
    between the deadline for changing ordering data like, food, accommodation, etc, and
    the final date for other team info.
  * The fields "Referee Number" and "Competence" are no longer mandatory in the "Expression
    of interest referees" form.
  * Three new game order templates have been added: "Playoff 1/16-final (6 grp, 24 lag
    vidare)", "1/16-final (10 grp, 1:or & 2:or vidare)" samt "1/16-final (10 grp, 3:or
    & 4:or vidare)".

v4.52.37 2015-03-21
  * It is now possible to change the short name (e.g. "P11") for an existing class.
  * A new feature "Save as" is now added for classes under "Properties class".
  * The fields "Born" och "Referee number" have been added in the referees register and in
    the referee submission form.
  * New game order template added for "Playoff 1/8-final (6 grp, 12 lag vidare, 3:or & 4:or)".
  * It is now possible to include pictures from the gallery also for Attendence registration.
  * Playoff type was erroneously shown in the "Classes" view for Attendence registration.
  * In some cases the error message "can not be removed or change class/group as the
    team is included in one or more games" was erroneously issued when trying to
    remove a team.
  * The feature "Arena booking schedule" showed one extra field but not the
    title row if today´s date was the same as the gameday´s date.
  * The delimiter for E-mail addresses in team send-outs changed from comma till semicolon.

v4.52.36 2014-11-15
  * The feature "Arena booking schedule" sometimes crashed when showing games running
    over midnight.
  * The scheduler now informs that games in i continuance groups are scheduled on
    the same terms as playoff games.
  * Teams participating in several classes now get individual pages in the
    "Lineup as PDF" document.
  * It now takes "Admin"-rights to change active tournament in the "File" menu.
  * An error message is now given if you try to remove or change class/group
    for a team that is included in one or more games.

v4.52.35 2014-10-24
  * Via the menu "Archive">"Open", it is now possible to open old/finalized
    tournaments. Note that it is important always to return to the current
    tournament before logging of Teamplay as registration form and team
    login goes to the currently open tournament.
  * The class text description is now shown in the registration form pull-down

v4.52.34 2014-09-08
  * Concurrent updating of the match protocol and from several sites could in some cases
    cause team names to be overwritten in the schedule.
  * An error message about non-existing groups in a class was in rare cases shown
    when creating games.
  * An error message is now given if a team is member of a group without having any
    games assigned.
  * It is now possible to filter the team register also on user defined fields.
  * Hidden games (in non-symmetric playoff trees) could in some cases get non-
    unique game numbers.

v4.52.33 2014-05-27
  * It is now possible to manually enter home and away teams in games.
  * The cup page schedule pages now have better sorting possibilities. Publishing
    the page is also faster.
  * The step-by-step description on how to setup a tournament has been improved.
  * Short-variants of column headings for user defined fields are now included
    when exporting the team registry to Excel.
  * The wrong records where in some cases included when exporting the team registry
    to Excel.
  * Match record printouts and game export to Excel was done without keeping the
    current record sorting.
  * The field "Accommodations" under "Properties team" was not saved.

v4.52.32 2014-04-28
  * Besides A and B, Teamplay now supports also C and D playoffs. The four playoffs
    can be configured independent from each other and with different tree sizes.
  * In the registration form, it is now possible to set a maximum limit for selection
    of a certain user defined field coupled a fee.
  * It is now optional to include the postal address field in the submission form.
  * Misc updates in the registration system for participants.
  * The setting "Manual playoff" for classes was sometimes not correctly stored.
  * When exporting registers to Excel, some records were sometimes missing.
  * An error message was issued for the schedule type "Region model" if the number of
    games to play each other was set to zero.

v4.52.31 2014-03-15
  * Teamplay can now be used as a general registration system for people with the same features
    as for teams when it comes to login, automatic reconciliation of payments, user defined
    fields, etc.
  * Player statistics like goals, assists and penalties, etc, can now be entered easily per
    player in the match protocol without having to enter game occasions.
  * Text fields for other information are now included at team register export to Excel.

v4.52.30 2014-02-18
  * Export to Excel is now possible from the referees register.
  * The team names are now shown next to the fields for manually given group standings (draw).
  * The registration page could not be reached when the field "Pulldown menu connected to fee"
    was defined with different number of rows for description and fee.
  * Non-played playoff games due to direct qualification are now hidden in the graphical
    playoff tree.
  * Upload of pictures to the gallery caused an error message.
  * A new guide has been written that describes how to configure the public cup page.
  * Updated the guides "Templay Guide - Slutspel" and "Resultatrapportering och utskrifter".

v4.52.29 2013-11-16
  * The number of registered teams is now shown both in the admin part and on the cup page.
  * A link "Update" has been added on the cup page to make it easy to refresh the page if
    the web browser fails to do it automatically.
  * The confirmation email now shows better if you are registered as a standby-team only.
  * A hint to enter birth dates as YYMMDD is now shown in the registration form and in the
    team register.
  * The wrong group number was shown in the "Fairplay as PDF" view.
  * The registration form could not be reached via some company firewalls.
  * The view "Playoff tree as PDF" returned a blank page instead of an error message if no
    playoff games existed for the class.
  * if the team entered a faulty mail-address when registering, also the tournament administrator
    did not get any confirmation email.

v4.52.28 2013-09-13
  * A number of guides/manuals has been added with links on the start page.
  * The field "Rnd" (Round) can now be set via the "Multi-edit" feature for games.
  * The login priority "Normal" is now enough to create line-ups.
  * Entering game occasions and line-ups is now less sensitive for faulty input in terms
    of blanks, leading zeroes, etc.

v4.52.27 2013-08-28
  * A new feature "Adjust game start time" has been added to adjust an existing schedule forward or
    backward in time with a constant number of days, hours and minutes.
  * Column sorting added to the referees register.
  * A function that checks that entered team names have allowed length and do not contain
    special characters, has been added.
  * Also leaders are now shown in the "Players / Leaders" together with the total sum of people.
  * The feature "Update lineups from the team register" did not work for single games.
  * The printout "Team register as PDF" did not work.

v4.52.26 2013-07-21
  * A feature "Expression of interest referees" has been added for referees to apply for a cup
    via a form. The referees are stored in Teamplay and the administrator can choose to contact
    any of them.
  * A general length limitation of URL's prevents sending email to more that 100 teams at the
    time from a web browser. It is now possible to copy the receiver list for an unlimited
    number of teams.
  * An error was corrected in the scheduler related to undefined arena names.
  * It is now allowed to use colon (":") in arena names.
  * Minimimum length OCR numbers now changed to 10.
  * The scheduler text messages have been translated to English, Finish and Norwegian.

v4.52.25 2013-06-28
  * A feature called "System Restore" has been added. Upon system restore, team register, members,
    groups and classes and the game schedule, are restored to an earlier point in time (Restore point).
    Useful for example during scheduling when you sometimes want to go back to an earlier version.
  * User defined numerical and logical columns in the team register are now showed summarized at the
    bottom row.
  * Misc small user improvements in different views.

v4.52.24 2013-06-18
  * A new graphical arena booking schedule giving an overview of how arenas/fields are occupied with
    matches has been added. You can filter, move and edit games directly in this graphical schedule
    and it is marked with different colors if you have overlapping or too close games.
  * Export to Excel is now possible from the schedule and team register.
  * A new layout for game cards (referees cards) has been added.
  * It is now possible to set the desired lentgh of generated OCR numbers.
  * A preceeding unique number is now part of the OCR number so that the same OCR-number
    can't occur in two concurrent tournaments.
  * It is now possible to enter the top picture height for Teamplay's built-in cup page.

v4.52.23 2013-05-15
  * The feature "Update lineups" is now faster.
  * A button for sharing to social media has been added to the cup page.
  * The registration confirmation email text has been improved.

v4.52.22 2013-04-13
  * Three new game order templates have been added.
  * Games with hidden match result were exported with the result visible in the cup page Excel file.
  * When re-numbering games there is now an option to empty possibly existing match protocols.
  * The arena booking schedule is now less cluttered for tight game schedules.

v4.52.21 2013-04-06
  * Game filtering on arena name did not work in Internet Explorer if the name contained ĺ, ä or ö.
  * Teams marked as "Reserv" are now hidden in the list of participating teams on the cup page.
  * The language for the genererated cup page is now setup unrelated to the administration language.
  * The fee calculation in the print-out "Team register as PDF" was not correct.

v4.52.20 2013-03-03
  * Automatic reconciliation of payments via bank file for team fees has been implemented. This is
    done by pasting the contents of a certain text file into Teamplay and the formats supported are
    Nordea Total IN, Bankgirot BGMAX and Finninsh reference numbers.

v4.52.19 2013-02-03
  * A new user defined field as a pull-down menu connected to a fee has been added. Useful for
    example if the registration fee is not connected to the class selection but instead is
    connected to for example accommodation.
  * A link has been added on the login page for request of login details via E-mail.
  * Ad's display in the rightmost column was erroneously displayed also in result pages.

v4.52.18 2013-01-24
  * A new section "Fees" has been added under "Settings team" to handle fees. Here, all fees
    connected to a team is gathered for follow-up.
  * User defined fields have been expanded with a possibility to couple a fee to a field. This
    means that if a registering team is entering a number of items of something, the total fee
    will be registered in the team register. As a cup organizer you can then follow up how much
    each team shall pay.
  * The registration fee can now be given per class under "Properties class". The fee will then
    be bound to the specific class and is registered in the team register.
  * Last date for team login has changed meaning to last date for editing team properties.
    In this way, teams can always login but only edit until a certain date.

v4.52.17 2013-01-12
  * Game order template selection for playoff trees has been moved to "Class settings".
  * The result pages where sometimes not updated even though "Automatic publishing" was activated.

v4.52.16 2012-12-30
  * Year of birth for players were not shown in the match protocol (admin part).
  * Crash problem for pages with help texts fixed.

v4.52.15 2012-11-21
  * Language selection is now done on the login page which makes it possible also for team
    leaders to select language.
  * Registrating teams can now select language for the registration form regardless of which
    language Teamplay is setup for.
  * Team leaders can now see information about payments, dates and fees but not change it.

v4.52.14 2012-11-08
  * When you selected a team for editing in the team register, you soetimes ended up with the wrong team.
  * A field for the URL to the official cup page has been added under cup informationen.
    This is among others used for a cup index in the mobile pages.

v4.52.13 2012-10-08
  * When adding a new arena, this was saved even if you got an error message due to incorrect time entries.
  * Picture upload to the gallery sometimes failed.
  * Reporting results failed sometimes.
  * A new page for tournament info has been added for the layout "Complete cup site".

v4.52.11 2012-09-22
  * An SMS text message function has been added which makes it possible to send SMS to team leaders
    and referees directly within Teamplay.
  * The E-mail sendout feature is now also available for referees.

v4.52.10 2012-08-22
  * The problem with Teamplay Web not being reached if the firewall is setup to block other ports than
    80 should now be solved.
  * An option to make the "Arena" field a free text field instead of a pull-down menu, has been added.

v4.52.9 2012-08-11
  * Playoff game import in Teamplay Win could lead to incorrect display of teams in playoof trees.

v4.52.8 2012-07-26
  * In Teamplay Win, an error message was given for match time entries above 24 minutes.
  * The import of single games in Teamplay Win is now forced to chronological order
    for the calculation of teams to be correct.

v4.52.7 2012-05-11
  * Team application did not succeed if the form was set not to enter a team password.

v4.52.5 2012-04-03
  * The same team name in multiple classes could lead to that the wrong games were shown for the team
    in the team presentation.
  * Player and leader name sorting was sometimes wrong in the team presentation.

v4.52.4 2012-04-01
  * Team statisics was shown even though the class resultat was set to "hidden".
  * Corrected a HTML-link for schedule/standings for groups.

v4.52.3 2012-03-17
  * The schedule control feature now also shows number of games per arena and team.
  * It is now possible in Teamplay Win to import individual games from another database.
  * It was in some cases not possible to save forms with the web browser Chrome.

v4.52.2 2012-02-26
  * Labels for input fields on the login page were not shown in some web browsers.

v4.52.1 2012-02-16
  * The administration part of Teamplay is now available in a limited mobile variant suitable for
    result reporting.
  * A mobile version of the cup site is now avilable at

v4.51.24 2011-12-16
  * The number of possible continuance groups has been increased to 16. This also means that the number of
    "normal" groups can be up to 16 if used in combination with continuance groups, otherwise 32.
  * PDF's are now always opened in a popup window and the calling page remains visible.
  * When removing a class with team teams already connected, a corresponding dummy group was in some cases
  * Arenas were sometimes missing in the pulldown menu in the list of games view.
  * It is now possible to display ads also in the slideshow view.
  * Values from user defined fields as pulldown menues could not be edited under "Team properties".

v4.51.23 2011-10-05
  * A print layout called "Team card" has been added. This is an information card for the tournament participant.
    For example, it can be used as a necklace if you add a rope to it. Team name, class and matches are picked
    automatically. Other optional information is entered under "Settings Team card".
  * Team logo's can now be uploaded and connected to teams. Shown in team presentation and in team cards.
  * It is now possible to add your own HTML code between <HEAD> and </HEAD> in the start page.
    Useful for visitor statistics like for example with Google Analytics.
  * Class names longer than 5 letters caused group assignment not to work.
  * The letters "ĺäö" were shown incorrectly if you opened Teamplay via a Sportnik page.
  * It was in some cases not possible to save forms with the web browser Safari on MAC.

v4.51.22 2011-08-11
  * A number of new fields like "Application fee", "Accommodation", "Accommodation fee", "Payment date", etc,
    has been added to the team register. These are located in an own "Internal" section that is not seen by teams
    who log in.
  * A printer friendly layout has to the team register in the administration part of Teamplay.
  * The registration function has got an additional possibility for teams to register via E-mail.
  * The pulldown menu for quick selection of games was erronously shown at team login.

v4.51.21 2011-07-07
  * An Excel file with all match results is now created when publishing. It can be reached via the pulldown menu
    (Index) on the cup site.

v4.51.20 2011-07-03
  * The registration form now has an information text about that certain firewalls might prevent the registration
    form from being displayed.
  * An error message is now issued if you try to email more than 100 recipients (2000 letters) at the time.

v4.51.19 2011-06-16
  * A pulldown menu for quick selection of games has been added to the toolbar.
  * It was in some cases not possible to save forms with the web browser Safari on MAC.
  * Match number duplicates could in some cases appear if one or more groups were scheduled with the region model.

v4.51.18 2011-05-22
  * The schedule checker did not always show shortest pause time for the case where three concurrent teams were
    set not to be allowed to play at the same time.
  * Only the column headings were in some cases shown in the team register with Internet Explorer as web browser.

v4.51.17 2011-05-18
  * Columns for region code and user defined fields added to the "Scheduling parameters" view for teams.
  * Column for number of teams added to the "Scheduling parameters" view for groups.
  * The team login did in some cases not show the teams for which you were registered.

v4.51.16 2011-05-11
  * "Multi-edit" for arenas has been added to make it possible to edit properties for several items at
    the time.
  * When registering a contact person for a team, an email with login data is now sent to the user.

v4.51.15 2011-05-02
  * A function for user defined display of columns has been introduced in the team register.
  * The team register can now be sorted on application date. Default sorting has been changed from team name
    to class.
  * Calculation of standings went wrong if three or more teams had the same number of points and an uneven
    number of draws internally.
  * It is now possible to hide the fields for login information in the registration form for cases where you don't
    want to allow teams to login to Teamplay.
  * User defined menu alternatives/links can now be added to the the pulldown menu (Index) on the cup site.
  * It is now possible to set "Man of the match" in the match protocol. In the cup site protocol, this is marked
    with a star. You also get the sum of "Man of the match" appointments in the player statistics.
  * A new PDF-print for the team register has been added.

v4.51.14 2011-04-11
  * Field for "Region code" now possible to show/use in the team register. This field is used when creating schedules
    according to the "Region model".
  * The arena booking schedule was shown unsorted.
  * If a team is changed in a certain game, possible lineups and match occasions are now automatically removed.
  * The feture "Set game numbers" did not update game numbers in the home and away fields for playoff games.

v4.51.13 2011-04-07
  * Team export from the team register generated an error message.
  * Browsers like Safari and Chrome sometimes gave the error message "No such user" when trying to save form data.
  * Separator lines between ads in the right column were not shown.
  * The fields for phone number home and work were mixed up under "Properties team".

v4.51.12 2011-03-12
  * Multi-language support now added for the cup page. The vistor selects language by clicking one of the country flags.
  * It is now possible to hide the information text in the cup page header. Useful when you have an own top picture.
  * The menus in the web interface has been slightly re-organized to be more efficient and logical for the user.

v4.51.11 2011-02-21
  * The time check in the match record gave an error for played time for goal tenders.
  * A new list with all players has been added under "Register". Due to this, a new icon has been addded for
    the team register.
  * "Cancel" buttons have been added in most setting dialogs.
  * The icon "Settings" has been replaced by links in most lists to make navigation easier.
  * A consequence of the change above is that game properties now are reached by clicking the match number and
    match record via the icon to the right.
  * A help text that describes how to enter match occasions in match protocols has been added.
  * Number of players in the match protocol has been extended to 30 to match the printed version.
  * When you tried to save a match protocol with more than one goal keeper, an error message about missing
    entry for "Played time" was given even though the game was not marked "Finalized".
  * The first player in a team was not shown in the layout "Lineup as PDF".

v4.51.10 2011-02-13
  * Gaps in the group numbering could occur if you removed groups and this made the playoff tree not updating
  * The time parameter for the dynamic slideshow could not be adjusted.

v4.51.9 2011-02-02
  * It is now possible to create a dynamic slideshow that changes content day by day according to a user-
    defined schedule.
  * Results for games once set to status "Finalized" where counted in standings even if the status was reset
    to "Not started".
  * It was not possible to change a team on the waiting list to non-reserve.
  * Result pages from Teamplay integrated in iframes higher than the monitor lead you to the bottom of any
    linked page. This has been changed so that you now always get to the page top.
  * The menu alternatives "Show all today" and "Show non-finalized today" has been added to the menu "Games"
    for easier navigation.
  * Under "Settings"->"System", it is now possible to set that PDF files shall open in an own window/tab. (In
    Firefox, you can select that PDF's shall open in the PDF reader instead of browser)
  * Game day selection as a pull-down menu has been added to the page "Games" on the public web site.

v4.51.8 2011-01-04
  * It is now possible to enter the following status för a game: "Not started", "In progress" or "Finalized".
    This is also shown in the schedule with different symbols on the web page to make it easy to follow what
    happening in a game.
  * Player and team statistics can now be included in the slideshow.
  * A new function "Multi-edit" for classes/groups has been added to make it possible to edit properties for
    several items at the time.
  * The "Region model", i.e. possibility to create schedules where teams from the same region don't (if
    possible) play against each other, is now implemented in Teamplay Web.
  * Team names in continuance groups were temporarily cleared in some cases until a new "publish" was

v4.51.7 2010-12-15
  * The possibility to pick best placed team between groups, for playoff trees, has now been extended from 8th
    to 10th place. Example: "10th best 3rd".
  * Teams with double space in the name gave an error message not belonging to the group at publishing.
  * It is now possible to enter empty fields for home and/or away teams. useful among others for paus
    activities and when the teams are not yet decided.
  * The feature "Show games per team" in the team register only showed home games.
  * The feature "Check schedule" did not sort correctly on shortest rest time.
  * Some adjustments in the slideshow presentation.
  * New ordering number SMS.

v4.51.6 2010-12-12
  * Registering teams can now get the authority to register match results and edit game properties via their
    team login.
  * Tournaments with one class only now has a direct link to the result pages in the main menu instead of
    having to go via the "Classes" menu.
  * PDF-print for lineups has been added.
  * Sometimes, garbage was shown instead of "ĺäö" in the web browser due to wrong charset used.
  * You can now pick "Best third place", "Second best second place", etc, also to continuance groups.
  * "Arena booking schedule" sometimes showed one and the same arena more than once.
  * The scheduler sometimes ignored the given parameter "Max number of games per group".

v4.51.4 2010-11-30
  * The scheduler sometimes put playoff games earlier than the given earliest allowed start.
  * A new function "Multi-edit team" has been added to make it possible to edit properties for several teams
    at the time.
  * The menu item "Registration" i generated pages were anly shown if the "Admin" link was on as well.
  * Arensas with identical names were sometimes mixed up in the arena register.

v4.51.3 2010-11-23
  * The team presentation has been improved so that all the teams with players and leaders are no longer shown
    in a long list but instead separately.
  * Sporadically, some arenas where missing in the arena booking schedule.
  * The menu language always reset to Swedish regardless of chosen language when Teamplay Web was upgraded.

v4.51.2 2010-11-17
  * An advanced text editor has been integrated which enbales inserting pictures and links and other
    formatting into information texts, news, registration form etc.
  * New and updated icons has been added to the toolbar.

v4.51.1 2010-11-10
  * Fair Play calculation is now implemented in Teamplay Web.
  * PDF-print for standings were not shown due to an error message when several teams had the same number of
  * A pulldown menu can now be defined for the registration form, under "User defined" fields for teams.
  * A field for an optional text for the confirmation email for registering teams has been added. Useful for
    payment info for example.
  * It was not possible to login via the link "Admin" in generated cup pages.
  * It is now possible to set the team order in standings manaully for cases where the order can't be decided
  * Support added for continuance groups, i.e. groups where the teams are picked from other groups for example
    for group play in several levels or when the playoff is played as a league.
  * It is now possible to upload pictures to a gallery. These pictures can then be inserted in news texts,
    tournament information, etc, on your web site.

v4.50.5 2010-09-20
  * When adding several teams or referees at the same time with IE8, an error message was given.
  * The PDF-print "Overview" gave an error message due to a missing picture file.
  * A new function "Multi-edit game" has been added to make it possible to edit properties for several games
    at the time.
  * The feature "Playoff tree as PDF" now also includes B-playoffs if available.
  * PDF-print for standings in a number of different layouts has been added.

v4.50.4 2010-08-29
  * The function "Settings"->"Texts" did not work.
  * Teams who had no games played could end up wrong in standings compared to teams who actually had played
    games but also with zero points. (cosmetic error).
  * It is now possible to select one or more teams in the team register to show their specific games.
  * Junc text was appended in the "Rules" field when adding news. This has been corrected.
  * The feature "Swap" for teams corrupted the schedule if both teams were in the same group.

v4.50.3 2010-08-16
  * Added "Notes / Messages" edit box on the start page free to use for any texts.
  * Release notes now integrated into the server. Reached via a new link on the login page.
  * Added function (button) in the list of matches to swap date, time and arena between two selected matches.
  * The function "Check schedule" now also counts the number of games per team and day.
  * The function "Guide" has been extended with hints in a new section with single help topics.
  * PDF-print for playoff trees has been added.
  * Junc text was appended in the "More info" field when adding news. This has been corrected.

v4.50.2 2010-08-13
  * Added settings under "Registration" for E-mail notification.
  * Corrected a faulty link to Teamplay Web shown after a succesful team registration.

v4.50.1 2010-08-08
  * Teamplay Web introduced. The web interface has been expanded so that you can manage a whole tournament
    including adding teams, creating schedule, automatic scheduling, etc. Settings, look and feel, can be
    adjusted just like in the Windows version. The registration form has support for user defined fields and
    notification via e-mail.
  * Results service via SMS is now available.
  * Settings for standings, player statistics, match record type, etc, has been moved to a common setup.
  * New options for web page layout are avialble like top picture, ads, left and right columns for sponsors,
  * New scheduler features:
        1) New field "Prio" to select which teams have priority.
        2) New field "Max" to decide how many games to be played at a certain arena.
  * A shortcut to the settings dialog box added in the toolbar.
  * Last date for team login can now be set in the registration form.
  * Faulty error message when adding games via the web interface corrected.
  * A number of layout errors corrected in the web layout.
  * Sometimes wrong group order in web published pages.
  * HTML pages "All games" and "Finals" were not always created.
  * Scheduler sometimes put playoff games before group games.

v4.43.1 2009-09-10
  * It is now possible to set the layout for the slideshow independent from the "normal" HTML pages..
  * The settings for HTML menus to be shown and the scope of pages to be published is now common which
    simplifies the handling.
  * A print layout for referees cards has been added.
  * Referees can now be handled via the web interface including game scheduling and payment handling.
  * When Teamplay server is used, meaning the web interface, publishing takes place periodically with a
    certain adjustable interval but only when changes actually have taken place.
  * A new (landscape) print layout for for match protocols has been added (thank you Dag Ingebretsen, NOR92).
  * The layout of published HTML pages has been freshened up and new options for width and grid on/off has
    been added.
  * Also leaders are now copied automatically when creating lineups for all games. Class belonging is now also
    considered both for leaders and players.
  * When a game was added via the web interface, sometimes the group belonging was not saved properly.
  * It was not possible to login via the web interface with user level below "Normal".
  * Concurrent usage of the same database in Teamplay and Teamplay server was sometimes blocked and forced a
  * Viewing a team and its members in the web interface, all categories were shown and not those for the
    current class only.
  * Using the web interface in another language sometimes caused an automatic switch back to Swedish.
  * Logging in with your email address in the web interface always failed except for the person first to
  * The command "Create lineups" in the web interface sometimes caused a messagebox to open on the remote
    server. This blocked furher usage until the messagebox was acknowledged.
  * When players were picked from the members register to a lineup, a player 0 without name was sometimes
    erroneously copied as well.

v4.42.1 2009-05-10
  * The Teamplay web interface has a new look and several new features. By clicking the link "Admin" (or by
    giving the server URL), a login form is shown. When logging in, a new menu bar and toolbar are shown. Some
    of the new features are; possibility to add/delete matches and teams and edit all properties of them,
    button to create a pdf file with match protocols. Teams who registered via the web Registration form can
    login with their E-mal address and edit all teams registered with that address.
  * You can now add custom fields/columns club/team, members and matches. The fields can either be text,
    numeric or logical.
  * The scheduler has got the following new features; 1) Max number of matches per team and day can now be
    entered per group. 2) A group can be locked to an certain areana. The schema control function is now
    capable of checking earliest start, night rest, freee time, etc.
  * E-mail from Teamplay no longer have to be sent via an E-mail client. Instead, sending directly via SMTP is
  * There is now an E-mail notification feature for teams regsitering via the Registration form in the web
  * You can now create own game orde templates.
  * The team selector has a new swap button for changing home and away teams..
  * FTP transfer can now be cancelled with the ESC button.
  * The HTML variant of the playoff tree showed the wrong result for one of the 1/2 finals in the 1/8 final
  * The scheduler sometimes failed giving the requested night rest.
  * The icons in the list of groups/classes were in certain cases wrong.
  * Some parts of the Internet published HTML pages were sometimes not updated correctly.
  * The match occasions are now shown in the order they were entered in the internet exported pages.
  * The player name was not shown in the occasions part of the match protocol for missed penalties.
  * A missing tag in the HTML page "Team presentation" caused in-correct pages.
  * Some texts in the playoff tree got wrong when no group play was available.

v4.41.3 2008-12-29
  * Improved slideshow feature.

v4.41.2 2008-12-04
  * The Teamplay Server performance has been increased significantly. In earlier version it could happen that
    only half pages were shown in the internet browser when the internet connection was a bit slow. This has
    now been solved.
  * The automatic scheduler has been further improved and got a number of new features. You can now enter that
    two teams in different classes are not allowed to play at the same time. This is useful when one team
    participates in several classes.
  * The feature Cup registration feature now supports a limit of registered teams and that additional teams
    are put on a reserve (waiting) list.
  * The scheduler gave an error for games where arenas were entered manually instead of generating start times
    for them.
  * Internet genererated pages for playoffs sometimes listed exactly the same games for A and B-playoffs.
  * The Powerplay/Boxplay calculation did not consider that more than one powerplay goal can be made during
    one single powerplay in 5 minute penalties.
  * Penalty shots resulting in a goal shall not be counted as a powerplay goal. Penalty shots shall therefore
    be marked with "PS" in the column "Code" in the occasions window.
  * The "Close" button (cross) in Teamplay Server was disabled after starting and stopping the server once.

v4.41.1 2008-09-23
  * The automatic scheduler has been improved. Parameters for minimum night rest, earliest possible start per
    team and/or group, earliest and latest allowed game start per group, has been added. Arenas can be
    prioritized to maximize usage. The time between game starts can now be set relative to game length + pause
    time which makes the schedule better compressed.
  * A registration form has been added for team tournament registration directly into Teamplay via Internet
    and Teamplay Server. Player and leader registration is optional. The teams also get a password to use when
    later editing their team information.
  * The layout for playoff trees has been improved. Now, game number, time and location is shown and also game
    for third prize.
  * Playoff trees for B-playoffs are now shown when publishing for the web.
  * Possibility to calculate teams for 5-8 place (losers in quarter finals) in B-playoffs has been added.
  * An option to tell if a game has ended with penalties has been added.
  * Referee payment can now be handled within Teamplay.
  * A referee overview layout has been added when publishing for the web.
  * The HTML menu for groups beloning to a class was not shown correctly.
  * When entering match records with occasion list via Internet, manaully entered results were discarded.
  * The function Copy/Patse did not work in some dialog boxes.
  * When changing game properties via Internet, other users could be lcoked out from editing until restart of
    the program.
  * The format of email-addresses in the email-handler did not work with some email clients.

v4.40.2 2008-05-21
  * The columns in the team statistics window (Browse) were not displayed correctly.
  * If the scheduler was used with the database in shared mode, error messages were given.
  * Sometimes, wrong columns were shown in the player statistics window (Browse) .
  * News were sometimes sorted backwards.
  * Empty tables were shown even thought "Hide standings" was selected.
  * Adding a player to a team always used the default player category instead of the selected team.
  * The list of arenas was not shown in the "Arena booking schedule" dialog.
  * When a player was added via the web interface, category was not added correctly.
  * When importing a class or group from another Teamplay database, the actual teams were not copied.
  * Changing team name in the "Team register" window did not update the "League, Tournament/Class" window
  * Entering a match protocol via the web interface did not update the result pages correctly.

v4.40.1 2008-04-15
  * A new way to select teams to groups/leagues has been introduced. Now, this is controlled in the team
    regsiter by entering "Class" and "Group". The big advantadge is that changing team name and class/group
    connection is done in one place only.
  * Teamplay can now run in web server mode at the same time as the "usual" Teamplay. With this, changes can
    be done locally in Teamplay at the same time as changes take place via Internet. Teamplay Server is the
    name of the freestanding server application and it is started from the Teamplay menu.
  * Settings for FTP, layout for publishing and the arena register are now saved with the currently open
    database. This makes it possible to have different settings stored with different databases.
  * Internet publishing of "Team statistics" now shows number of wins, losses and draws also when occasions
    are not registered (typically soccer).
  * A page with winners in the different classes is now created when publishing for the web.
  * Teamplay now akso supports Inline hockey.
  * It is now possible to enter via the web interface that a game was decided in sudden death.
  * Ganes narked "Omitted" was shown in the printout "Overview".
  * The feature "Adjust team names" changed all team names in the team register regardless of which class it
    was part of.
  * FTP transfer with file filter  *.* selected caused an error message.
  * The team statistics calculation had errors when more then one team was selected.
  * Minutes played (MIP) and goals against (GA) for goalies is calculated automatically. Now, these values can
    be edited manually as automatic values are only written when the MIP field is empty.

v4.32.7 2008-01-22
  * This release primarily solves an error in the team presentationen.
  * The layout of the dialog "Class/Group" has been improved.
  * If several teams with the same name but different classes existed in the team register, all games for all
    teams were shown under each team.

v4.32.6 2007-11-25
  * This release primarily contains Vista fixes.
  * The installation program now also has Norwegian and Finnish as languages.
  * "Recent databases" are now listed in the "Archive" menu.
  * Teamplay now also works with Windows Vista Business Edition.

v4.32.5 2007-10-13
  * Repeated printouts of overview classes and series made team names appear several times in the tables.
  * When reporting results via the web, the result could in some cases be registered on a game marked as
  * In server-mode, half pages only were sometimes showed for some forms.
  * The function "Set game number" also set numers on games marked as "Omitted".
  * Games marked as "Omitted" were shown in the HTML-exported schedules.

v4.32.1 2007-09-15
  * The Teamplay Web-interface has been improved:
      o Team information, players and leaders can be edited online. (Useful for tournaments when teams can
      their player lists themselves)
      o All game properties like refereees, start time, arena etc can be edited.
      o A new form where 10 results at the time can be reported.
      o Detailed player statistics like shots, +/-goals can now be entered in the advanced match protocol
      o The number of news text to be shown on the start page can be entered under "Settings".
  * Teamplay now has user administration, user rights and login functionality.
  * Teams to be picked from group play to playoffs can now be given directly in the graphical playoff tree
  * B-playoff maximum start level has been increased to 1/32-finals.
  * The graphical playoff tree for B-playoffs can now be printed.
  * Under "Settings" for playoffs, the number of placing games to be created, can be entered. Teams for a
    placing game can ither be entered manually or automatically picked from the group play.
  * The automatic scheduler has been optimized to handle playoffs better. For group play, you can now enter a
    maximum number of allowed games per team and day.
  * A feature has been added that allows you to displace a complete schedule a given time without affecting
    the game order and relation in time.
  * In the Arena regsiter, "Field" can now be given in addition to arena name. It is also possible to
    categorize the different arenas/fields.
  * A number of new print layouts has been added.
  * Team names can no longer be entered directly in the schedule but must instead be picked from the team
    register. This, to avoid inconsistent naming.
  * Teamplay is now supported under Windows Vista.
  * The programmed sometimes consumed a lot of memory and hanged when running in server mode.
  * The feature "Check schedule" showed multiple entries in the output list.
  * Some columns where not shown correctly in some HTML-exports showing games.
  * Closing the "Browse" window for Clubs/Teams could leave the main toolbar diabled.
  * Earlier, there was no good way to enter a self goal in the match record. This is now done by leaving the
    field for player number empty.
  * The game order template for 7-team series has been corrected so that each teams gets the same number of
    home/away games.
  * The team selector and scheduler could sometimes disappear behind the schedule window.
  * "Slideshow" for HTML did not work when the option "Show group play and playoffs on the same page" was
    selected under "Publish".
  * The goal difference for teams was not calculated correctly in the team statistics.

v4.31.2 2007-02-25
  * When "Bronze game" was checked under "Properties class", the bronze game was not created for B-playoffs.
  * Player import to the members register did not work.

v4.31.1 2007-02-08
  * Teamplay can now generate a complete home page which apart from results pages also contains competition
    information, news etc. If Teamplay is run in web-server mode, news and info can be entered on-line via
    your Internet browser.
  * En startup-wizard has been added that helps you creating a league or tournament including scheduling, step
    by step.
  * Schedule generation has been simplified so that the game order template is selected automatically. Also,
    start number for game numbering is picked automatically (lowest available).
  * Some improvements has been done for playoffs:
        1) B-playoff's are no longer treated as separat playoffs but instead as part of the ordinary playoff.
        2) The texts in the palyoff tree now indicates from which game teams will be picked.
        3) The eight best on a certain position in the group play can now be oicked to the playoff tree
        of five, as earlier.
  * A game number search funktion has been added to the game window.
  * A filter function for schedule per team and time period has been added.
  * The automatic scheduler could in some cases set the same start time at different playoff tree levels.
  * Some errors has been correct inprint layouts.

v4.30.1 2006-10-16
  * TEAMPLAY can now run as web server. In this mode, the program can be controlled over the internet via a
    web browser if the computer on which TEAMPLAY is installed can be reached via an URL or IP-address. The
    computer used for result reporting does not need to have TEAMPLAY installed at all but only a web browser.
  * TEAMPLAY is now available in Norwegian.
  * The look of the HTML pages is now controlled via a so called Cascading Stylesheet (CSS). With this
    technique, the look of all exported pages are controlled from one and the same place including font and
    font type. This means that the layout is easy to adapt to a certain web template. Another advantadge is
    that the size of the exported pages is reduced with ca 50% which makes FTP-transfer faster.
  * A new "Arena booking schedule" creates a graphical overview of how arenas/fields are occupied with
    matches. This gives you a good overview about how your arenas are occupied.
  * Teh automatic scheduler now handles to schedule playoffs at the same time as group play.
  * Settings for multiple groups/classes can now be changed at the same time by selecting them in the list and
    click "Settings".
  * "Best second place", "second best third place" etc. can now be picked from the group-play to the playoff
  * Schedule can now be generated for several groups/classes at the time by selecting them in the list and
    click "Schedule".
  * User defined menu items can now be added to the HTML pull-down menu.
  * A new print layout for referees has been added where all matches for a certain referee is shown.
  * A new option "Hide results" has been added which makes match results invisible in printouts and internet
  * A new option "WO" for games decided by "Walkover" has been added. The text "(WO)" is then shown in the
    results list.
  * The ability to repair broken databases has been improved in this version.
  * The 'Quickstart' section in the help file has been extended with new step-by-step instructions.
  * When importing members, all referees were deleted.
  * Wrong template was sometimes shown when editing HTML-templates.
  * Schedule export per time period to other file format than HTML gave an empty file as result.
  * Ctrl+A (Select all) gave an error message when used in the invoice module.
  * By pressing "ESC" at print preview of one of the invoice layouts, the whole invoice module was shut down.
  * Due to an error, a dialog box was displayed asking if you wanted to copy players from non-existing games
    to the current game.
  * The function "Adjust team names" did not update the list of teams as it should. Also, team names was not
    changed in the team/members register.
  * The list of leaders in the match protocol could not handle team names longer 25 letters.
  * Key fields in the game order templates for playoff trees were not write protected as the shall.

v4.26.1 2006-01-24
  * It is now possible to create new and edit existing print-layouts. The tool for this is called "Report
    Designer" and is started from the "Tools" menu.
  * Most Browse windiws now have toolbars for the most common functions such as adding, deleting records.
  * Teamplays built-in FTP-client now works independent from other functions in Teamplay. This means that you
    can continue working in Teamplay (or shut it down) even though an FTP-transfer is running.
  * Several classes/leagues at the time can now be selected for Internet export/print-out.
  * B-playoff matches are now marked in the schedule and playoff-tree like B semi final, B-final etc.
  * An option to shut league calculation off for HTML-export has been added. This useful when you only handle
    statistics but not standings.
  * Several email addresses per person can now be entered in the members- and club register by separating them
    with semicolon (;).
  * When an empty lineup is opened, you now have the possibility to automatically add players that
    participated in previous games.
  * The keyboard button 'Delete' can now be used in dialog lists to delete records/lines.
  * The menu selection to create a new schedule was not disabled as it should when the "Browse" window was
    open, which lead to an error.
  * The Fair Play standings incorrectly showed texts from playoff trees not played.
  * Even though a group was removed from a playoff, belonging teams were still shown in the HTML overview.

v4.25.1 2005-11-01
  * A number of new statistics calculations are now made automatically from the match records occasion list:
        PPG = Power Play Goals
        PPA = Power Play Assists
        SHG = Shorthanded Goals
        SHA = Shorthanded Assists
        GWG = Game Winning Goal
        GTG = Game Tying Goal

        MIP = Minutes and seconds Played (Entered manually)
        GAA = Goal Against in Average
        SO = Shut Out

        As this is calculated from the occasions list, you will get it also for already entered match records.

  * Teamplay now uses the same abbreviations for statistics like in NHL:
        GP = Games Played
        G = Goals
        A = Assist
        PTS = Points
        PIM = Penalties In Minutes and seconds
        GF = Goals Forward
        GA = Goals Against
        FW = Faceoffs Won
        FL = Faceoffs Lost
        S = Shots
        SOG = Shots On Goal
        SG% = Percentage of goals from total shots
        PS = Penalty Shot
        PSG = Penalty Shot goals
  * The program now handles players that plays part of a game in the field and part as goalie. Also, there is
    a new field for entering played time for each goalie (MIP). This together with goals against (GA) must be
    entered in order to get goal average per game (GAA). If only one goalie is in the lineup, MIP and GA is
    filled in automatically by the program.
  * A number of new sortings has been added for player stats in HTML. Among others, number of assists and
    games played.
  * In the match record, penalties can now be entered with number of minutes only. However, the codes "U2",
    "P5" etc. is still supported.
  * By entering any letter in the column "Period" in the occasions list, the occasion is not counted in the
    statistics summary. This is among others useful for penalty shoot-outs.
  * Teamplay now has an integrated FTP-client instead of Windows FTP as in previous versions. Hereby, FTP-
    transfer in "Passive mode" is supported.
  * A Team presentation in HTML has been added. If desired, team names in other HTML documents can be
    generated as links to their respective presentations.
  * Team names were not shown in print-outs for player statistics when started from the dialog "Internet
  * Stat-Highlights could not be turned off in the Internet export.
  * At automatic grouping, an error occurred if a group number was entered as a letter. Now, only digits
    between 1 and 32 are allowed.
  * Import from other file format to the club register made data from fields "Class/Div" and "Group" end up in
    the wrong columns.
  * Schedule sorting upon date went wrong for some date formats, among others the American format.

v4.24.1 2005-08-18
  * Teamplay has been extended so that the team sport Ultimate Frisbee is handled.
  * A system for determining fair play among teams called Fair Play is now supported by Teamplay. Fair-Play-
    points is given (1-6) for home and away team and from this, standings are calculated.
  * EventControl is supported. EventControl is a powerful web-based administration tool for
    competitions/events. Among others, it handles competitions entries, invoices/payment, reports, todo-lists,
    transportation and information about officials. Teamplay can import teams, players, leaders, groups and
    classes and take advantadge of grouping done in EventControl.
  * An alternative way to create leagues and tournaments has been added. The command "Perform league/class
    grouping" creates leagues or groups and classes and with team names added. The command uses information
    entered in the club/team register which also can be imported from other file formats.
  * Settings for what kind of player statistics that shall be calculated and shown in HTML is now
    automatically suggested depending on selected kind of sport.
  * Final and period results in the match protocol is now calculated automatically from entered occasions.
  * A checkbox for "Team captain" has been added in the members register and in the lineup. In the lineup,
    also goalies are marked with checkboxes.
  * It is now possible to show and search among all members in all clubs in the members register.
  * The print-out for players can now be done for all players at the same time. Each team begins on a new
  * Teamplay now supports export and import in the XML format.
  * All list windows now have an indicator showing current sorting.
  * An alternative layout for results in HTML has been added where grouping, standings and playoff tree are
    collected on one page.
  * The HTML menu for groups was shown even though the menu was turned off.
  * When saving properties for a tournament, an error message was displayed under certain circumstances.
  * Internet export did not work correct if it was performed from the different "Schedule" dialogs.
  * An Active-X component needed for showing the calendar dialog was missing in the installation.

v4.23.2 2005-05-07
  * Game order templates and kind of game (playoff) is now displayed in the schedule.
  * Export in semicolon separated text is now supported.
  * When several users worked in the same database and one of them quit Teamplay, a number of error messages
    were given.
  * When sharing a database, faults could appear when several users were editing the same data.
  * The month display in schedule print-outs did not work.
  * The editing window for messages appeared behind the main window in the E-mail hadler.
  * Playoffs with start level "Final" were not generated in the Internet eport.
  * In the dialogs "Properties game" and "Match record", error messages were given due to a team name length
    limit of 25.
  * The "Highlights" calculation showed player names even though zero points were made.

v4.23.1 2005-04-04
  * Support for playoff trees with start level up to 1/32 final added.
  * Support for placing games in playoffs has improved. For start level "1/4-final" och upwards, the 1/4-final
    losers continues automatically and plays for position 5 to 8. For start level "Semi final" and "Final",
    teams are picked from groups (Round Robin).
  * A new league/tournament type named "The Region model" has been added. The idea behind this is that teams
    from the same region shall, if possible, not play against each other. The scheduler considers this and
    also seeding by trying to find games where high seeded teams play against lower seeded teams from another
    region. Region code and seeding is entered in the club register. The Region model is a good alternative
    when you want to avoid that teams that play against each other during normal conditions, also must meet in
  * The window handling has improved. The dialogs "League/Tournament, Class" och "Club" are now docked with
    main window, the text buttons are replaced by a toolbar and popup-menues (mouse right click) has been
    added. Other windows can be placed anywhere on the desktop, also outside the main window.
  * It is now possible to create "Playoff trees" containing a final game only.
  * Date selection for for schedule and the automatic scheduler is now done via a calendar.
  * Some layout and navigation improvements are implemented for the HTML exported pages. Font and hyperlink
    color can be selected under "Settings". Links to groups in tournaments are added to the main menu.
  * It is now possible to export the complete member register in another file format from the "Club register"
  * The print layout for invoices are adjusted to fit window envelopes.
  * Articles could be added without a belonging invoice.
  * The navigation buttons for invoices could be used even though no invoices where available.
  * A change of the export file path was not used by the FTP until the FTP settings where saved separately.
  * Window positions where not saved for some windows and languages other than Swedish.

v4.22.1 2005-01-17
  * Multi language support. Teamplay now has support for Swedish, English and Finnish. The user can also add
    texts for his own language.
  * There is now support available for handling of spare shirt numbers in the members register and in lineups.
  * The target folder for Internet exported files can now be anywhere in a network.
  * A damaged database can now be repaired to a by saving it under a new name.
  * The toolbar now has an address filed for URL´s and other documents that your web browser can display.
  * The game order template for 7 team leagues had an error.
  * The function "Adjust team names" gave an error when selecting an individual league/tournament.
  * Import of game order template did not work for paths containing blanks.
  * Group matches belonging to another groups than the current tournament where erroneously shown for some
  * Performing "Save as" on an already open database gave unexpected error messages.
  * When opening a database having the "League, Tournament/Class" window open sometimes an error occurred.
  * The HTML-export for league + results had wrong sorting of matches, match number instead of time.